• Dizal

    A unique printing technology, an authentic and lasting result: DIZAL is a manufacturing company set up by a family of entrepreneurs who share more than 40 years of experience in the construction materials design and manufacturing industry.

    On the lookout for trends and listening to the market, the company launched a new range of digitally printed architectural products using technology never seen before in the industry.

    The result is a revolutionary, avant-garde product, and the best on the market!

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  • GKD Metal Fabrics

    For 75 years GKD has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality stainless steel fabrics for architecture, revolutionizing how structures are enhanced aesthetically and functionally. The textile-like construction of GKD mesh can be solid, transparent, veiled and reflective. Applications range from the cladding of parking garages to fully programmable Mediamesh facades, combining LEDs with Tigris, a sophisticated stainless steel weave.

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  • NBK Terracotta

    NBK creates new terracotta technologies and approaches to architectural facades allowing architects to realize their boldest vision. Available for rain screen or precast applications, NBK terracotta allows the designer to choose form, profile, texture, color and system type. Superior quality, durability, and design versatility are characteristics that make NBK a premium choice for facades. By supplying fully engineered back-up systems and support during construction, NBK offers a complete solution to the building industry.

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  • NedZink

    NedZink is the leading Dutch zinc manufacturer and one of the top-three global producers of rolled titanium zinc for roofing, cladding, facades, interior and exterior design. NedZink combines A-quality material (EN 988 & ASTM B69) with the durability and natural beauty of titanium zinc. Service and quality are our top priority, backed by flexibility, personal communication, and service to architects, developers, and contractors. With sales offices in Europe and worldwide distribution by local agents, we make zinc available everywhere. NedZink: more than 100 years experience, quality and flexibility!

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  • QC Facades

    QC Facades joins with Hunter Douglas to develop customized rain screen solutions for every building type.  QC Façade systems are fully engineered and available with large flat panels in both metal and glass. The metal panels are manufactured with  honeycomb construction resulting in super flat metal panels in sizes up to 5’ by 26’. QC Facades is committed to product innovation, excellence in engineering, project management and customer support.

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