Walls & Ceilings

  • Ceilings Plus

    Ceilings Plus is dedicated to providing custom acoustical systems that are sustainable, functional, accessible, and beautiful. With a focus on pioneering innovative technologies, Ceilings Plus brings aesthetic and engineering excellence to acoustical solutions. Virtually any geometry can be achieved in both their wood and aluminum systems. Parti parametric perforations make design options endless.

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  • Decoustics

    For over 30 years Decoustics has been the international leader in design, engineering and manufacturing of custom fiberglass and wood acoustical ceilings and walls.  Decoustics offers flexibility in shape, size, finish, and full accessibility while maintaining demanding architectural aesthetics and the highest tested acoustical values.

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  • GKD Metal Fabrics

    For 75 years GKD has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality stainless steel fabrics for architecture, revolutionizing how structures are enhanced aesthetically and functionally. The textile-like construction of GKD mesh can be solid, transparent, veiled and reflective. Applications range from the cladding of parking garages to fully programmable Mediamesh facades, combining LEDs with Tigris, a sophisticated stainless steel weave.

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